Shopping Guide

1. The Size

Yes, my friends, size matters. And these machines are not toys. They are big, very solid and last many years. With this in mind, we have several sizes for you to choose the one that best suits your space:


Micro arcade machines fit anywhere. They are slightly larger than a computer keyboard and they can be plugged to your TV so you can keep them in a drawer and only take them out when you are going to play. They are ideal for small flats with limited space.
Dimensions: 39×25×20 cm

Mini arcade machines have the same top part as the cabinet machine but they only have the screen and the keyboard without the wooden bottom. These machines have to be placed on a table paying attention to the height if you have hanging cabinets above.

Dimensions: 38×41×64 cm
(1 player machine)

Cocktail arcade machines are lower, like a table, and they need space around them for the players. Both the 2-player and the 4-player machines have a side near which no player can sit so you can put this side to a wall. 

Dimensions: 91×67×77 cm
(2 player machine)

Cabinet arcade machines are like those from classic arcade game rooms, tall as a refrigerator and typically nailed against a wall as they have a front door to access the coin collecting mechanism and free play button.
Dimensions: 179×64×85 cm
(1 player machine)


You can see the exact dimensions of each machine model, including their weight, in the machines' product card. Click on the images that appear above these lines to see each machine model.


2. The Coins

Recolector de Monedas

If you intend to place your machine in a bar, restaurant or home and want to raise money with it, you'll need a machine with a coin collecting mechanism. The best part of the coin collecting mechanism is that you can set it up to use coins of certain value depending on what you want to charge for each game or even stipulate that several coins will be necessary for starting a game or you can allow players to play several times with just a coin.

If you want to place the machine in your home you might not need the coin collecting mechanism. Or maybe yes. If you want to keep your children from playing all day, for example, you may need it, or if you want to use the machine as a piggy bank :) In any case, if they have a coin collecting mechanism they also have a free play button inside the machine (the one you'll find by opening the back door) or you can set the machine to allow, say, 10 cents or pence to play three games.

3. Types of Games

All our arcade machines include original classic games with their licence which are already loaded in the board so you only have to plug the machine and get to play. It is important you keep this in mind as there are websites that sell machines with a PC inside that has no games installed (since it would be a crime) so you would need to download them from the Internet (pirated) and install them on your machine.
When you buy your machine here you acquire it with all games, which are legal and ready for you to start playing them out of the box.

The machines have many original classic games but make sure that your favourite games are on the machine you want. There are machines with 8-bit games (Pacman, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Tetris, ...), and NEO · GEO machines with 16-bit games like the Street Fighter saga, Metal Slug or 1941. And there are machines that have every single one of them, 8 and 16 bit, so you won't miss a game.

Here you can see the full list of games and the machines that include every game.


4. Number of Players

Do you usually play with someone? If so choose a machine that allows more than one player. If you're going to place it in a bar, in an establishment or in the office choose machines that have controls for multiple players as well.

One-player machines also allow two people to play, but they do not allow them to play simultaneously as they lack two controls, so one person has to play after the other. And if you want to play with three or four players, you have to choose this machine: Cocktail for 4 players because it is the only one that allows it.

8-bit games cannot be played by multiple players simultaneously because these games were developed when machines that could receive input from several players did not exist. That is why our 1-player machines include 60 in 1 8-bit games.

In contrast, NEO · GEO machines do allow two players to play simultaneously. 4-player cocktail machines include specific games that can be played by four people at a time, such as "Bomber Man Worlds", "Snow Bros. 2" or "Dungeons & Dragrons: Tower of Doom".


5. Budget

And last but not least, according to the budget you have you can opt for a machine or another. Note that it will last for many years so don't consider just the price and be sure you read the factors above so that you choose your favourite to enjoy many hours of fun.

You can compare the features and prices of all models in the Prices section.

Keep in mind that the price you see for each machine already includes VAT (21%) and the shipping costs if you are in the Spanish peninsula. If you're in the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, don't worry: when you specify your address in the order we will apply the correct tax to you. Likewise, if you are in the European Economic Community outside Spain, VAT will be completely deducted from your order. Shipping costs for outside the peninsula will also be calculated when you indicate the shipping address for your purchase, although you can know in advance how much it will cost by browsing through the Shipping Costs section.


Go ahead and enjoy your gaming machine with all the guarantees!


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