For your Establishment

Make everyone have a good time

For your establishment

Do you own a restaurant, a bar, a hotel? Place an arcade machine to attract customers and make those you already have enjoy while they visit you.

Do you own a club, an establishment at your community, a shared space on the sports centre? An arcade machine will delight anyone on Sunday afternoons.

Arcade Machines for your Establishment

Everyone will want to visit you and spend more time at your establishment with friends while they have a drink or they wait to be served. Place an arcade machine and stand out from other establishments by attracting video game lovers, retro friends and people looking to have a good time.

We recommend you buy a machine with a coin collecting mechanism (which can be set up to accept the coins you want). This way, apart from making those who visit you have a great time, you can make sure the machine is not used by the same person all the time, that everyone can play and you can raise money and recover what you paid for the machine and more.

Choose the machine model you prefer

If you always wanted to have an arcade machine you can have yours at last . Choose the model that suits you best according to your space and budget. We offer four different models:

Remember the Tetris arcade machine at your favourite bar? There was always someone playing. The billiard table ended up being the place where everyone left their coats and the black ball was always conveniently missing. The Tetris arcade machine didn't have any balls to lose (no pun intended) nor did it encourage fights with sticks (ok, that only happens in films). It also takes up much less space.

The machines of yesteryear were a success even when they offered just a game. Imagine the usual arcade machine including the 1500 most popular games for everyone to find and choose their favourite.


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Check out our Guide to help you choose the one that best fits your needs.