Who are we?

Release the Kraken!

Kraken Machines is an on-line store from the company Amonite Labs S.L. that sells classic arcade machines with different models and original games.

Amonite Labs was founded in 2013 for the on-line sale of different types of products but with a clear objective: to meet the needs of our customers through quality products taking maximum care of the whole process.

And that's why we care to:



We select the best machine manufacturers, take care of the design and make sure the games are original. We care to provide various models for you to find the one that best fits your space and budget.


We provide all the information you need to judiciously choose the product that suits you with descriptions, photos and videos from across the web and we are available by email and telephone to answer each of your questions.


We offer you support after your purchase for any doubt and give you the possibility to return the product if you have a problem. Our work does not end when we sell you a machine, instead we want you to be proud of having it for many years.


Our motto is “we like to be treated with care and that's how we treat our customers”.

We like to be treated with care

If you have any questions or want to contact us you can do so through our Contact section.


Do you want to buy a gaming machine with all the guarantees?

We encourage you to buy it at Kraken Machines, you won't regret it!