Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us

Your privacy is important to us. For this reason we have written this section in which we describe how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store your data. Please, take a few minutes to learn about our Privacy Policy and if you need any clarification, contact us.

Personal Data Processing

Personal data are those that can be used to identify a person or to contact him/her. In this website we ask for this kind of data in two situations:

  1. In the contact section, so that we can answer the questions you ask us.
  2. When placing an order, so that we can inform you of the process, send your purchase to the address you provide to us and to offer after-sales service.

In both cases, we keep the information you provided and use it only for the task for which they were requested, taking every precaution to prevent your data from being lost, stolen, misused, disclosed, altered or destroyed and to prevent unauthorized access to them. These data is stored securely on our servers and in compliance with the Spanish Organic Law on Personal Data Protection No. 15/1999 (December 13, 1999) you may at any time exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection of your data. In order to do this, you must contact our Customer Service through the Contact section.

However, we do not store any data regarding your payment method (card, bank account, etc). In order to make the payment you will be connected with the Redsys / La Caixa payment gateway that will safely process the payment with your bank. We do not store any of your data and so we cannot charge you in the future.

Data assignment

Kraken Machines does not give or sell any of your data to any company or individual. We use your data internally to offer you the service of selling arcade machines, to inform you of the state of your order and to send you offers on our products.

Kraken Machines will not transmit any of your details to third party companies or individuals.

Advertising and Cookies

In this website we will not show you third party advertising or store your browsing data in order to give or sell them to another company. Nonetheless, we do use internal cookies to store the products you include in your basket and to record anonymously how many visitors we have and what pages they visit. These data are useful to understand what contents people like and offer you more interesting information. We collect data through Google Analytics, which is the most commonly used tool on the Internet, for the shop, and through WordPress, also very common, for the blog.


cookie is a small piece of information that a website stores on a user's browser. In most cases they are necessary for the website to work properly (those are the so-called technical cookies), for example, to register your orders in the shopping cart so that you can continue shopping at the on-line store. There are other cookies used to record the websites you visit and then show advertising for products of these sites on other pages. Hasn't it happened to you that you visited a website one day to check information about a product and now banners of that same product and website continuously appear? This form of advertising is called "retargeting" and it makes sense as a marketing strategy because if you have been looking for information about a product and then you did not buy it, you may still be interested in it.

Kraken Machines' website does not store any cookie and we will not take advantage of your browsing data to show you advertisements on other websites.