Payment Methods

Secure Payment


Choose the payment method that suits you and pay comfortably with all security guarantees offered by Redsys/La Caixa Payment Gateway. Kraken Machines offers you various payment options so you can choose the one that suits your needs.

1. Bank Transfer

This payment method consists on transferring or depositng the cash for the total amount of the order to the bank account owned by Kraken Machines. At the time of payment we will specify you the account number to which you have to make the transfer or payment. It is important that you indicate in the "concept" field the order number related to your payment. Please note that some banks may take 1 to 2 business days to make the transfer effective, and deposits to our account can at least take 24 hours to be reflected in our system, so we cannot process your order until we are certain that we have received the money. In any case, we will contact you to tell you when have we received the payment and when will you receive the order at the address you provided. The order will be cancelled if we haven't received the payment 7 days after the day the order was placed on our website, although we will contact you to see if you had any problems.

  • There are no quantity limits per order for this method of payment.
  • This payment method has no additional costs.

2. Credit or Debit Card


Kraken Machines accepts Visa, MasterCard and Maestro cards. When placing the order you must provide your card details directly on the Redsys/La Caixa Payment Gateway (the entity we use to manage card payments). Kraken Machines does not store credit card information.

  • There are no quantity limits per order for this method of payment.
  • This payment method has no additional costs.

3. Money pot at


Do you want to buy a special gift to someone collecting the money with several people? The easiest way to do so is creating a money pot at and using the collected money to buy an arcade machine in Kraken Machines with no extra cost to you. Learn how it works:

  1. Choose in Kraken Machines the arcade machine you want to buy as a gift.
  2. Create your money pot for free with just a couple of clicks at, specifying the price of the selected machine as the amount to collect.
  3. Ask your friends to participate. Collect their contributions in a secure environment.
  4. Buy the chosen arcade machine in Kraken Machines, providing the address of the recipient to have it delivered to his/her home and select the money pot as the payment method.


For more details have a look to our Terms and Conditions.